Frequently Asked Questions

What timescales do we work to?

It completely depends upon size and design, if permission is required, any ground works needed and the finish of the project.

As a guideline, however, if planning is required, once an application is approved, your Local Authority usually take approximately 8 weeks to provide an initial decision. A further application may then be needed for any alterations they request and once your planning is approved our lead times are as follows:

From planning approval & receipt of stage payment, between X weeks. Construction times vary from X days for a simple bike shed, up to X weeks for a garage, and a timber framed extension typically takes between X weeks to build.

How are our oak frames constructed?

We use traditional pegged mortice and tenon joints, hand crafted, from marking to cutting

Can you fit glass to an oak frame?

Yes, we have a well developed system that prevents the glass from cracking.

Will I need planning permission?

Depends on local planning laws, but we can advise/design around these. Our small garden buildings are generally designed around permitted development.

What are building regulations?

All new habitable buildings in the UK have to comply with Building Regulations making sure the building is safe and energy efficient. A Building Control inspector will oversee that the works comply with these regulations.

Do we need Building Regs?

It all depends on the project, but typically as an example a small garden building with only an electrical supply does not, but a building which requires planning permission will.

Do we only use oak?

No, we can use other structurally graded timber to suit your budget, for example douglas fir and larch

What care does the build require?

That will all depend on the construction material and finished look, but we can advise as appropriate.

Do you have anexample which we can view?

Yes we have our open office the ‘Design Cave’ at Combe Farm, which is an a show case of a variety if different styles and techniques, please see our gallery for pictures.

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